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A medicated supplement for weight gain and carcass leanness for finishing swine

Feeding Directions

dac® Show Contender Paylean cab be fed to finishing swine intended for showing and slaughter.

dac® Show Contender Paylean should:

1. Not be fed to swine weighing less than 150 lbs.

2. Be fed with a complete ration containing 16% crude protein.

3. Only be fed for the last 45- 90 lbs of grain prior to slaughter.


Feed dac® Show Contender Paylean at the following rates:

To achieve the 4.5 g/ton level of Ractopamine - mix 1 level scoop (1 ounce) of dac® Show Contender Paylean with 5 lbs of complete feed containing at least 16% protein/day.

To achieve the 9 g/ton level of Ractopamine - mix 2 level scoops (2 ounces) of dac® Show Contender Paylean with 5 lbs of complete feed containing 16% protein/day.

Active Drug Ingredients

Ractopamine Hyrdochloride: 350 g/ton (0.011 g)

Non-Drug Ingredients

Rice hulls, wheat middlings, and vegetable oil.


Ractopamine may increase the number of injured and/or fatigued pigs during marketing. Ractopamine is not to be used in breeding swine. Ractopamine is only approved at intakes ranging from 4.5 - 9 grams per ton of finished feed.

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